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  • Rise of energy prices: GAE and European energy-intensive industries draw the attention of Member States on the threats that the current rise in energy prices puts on both EU competitiveness and the EU’s climate ambition (October 2021)

During the last months, Glass Alliance Europe has been actively engaged in the development of the Master Plan for a competitive transformation of EU EIIs (Energy Intensive Industries) to support a transition towards climate neutrality. The Master Plan suggests actions and indicates areas of policy intervention to encourage innovation, guarantee competitiveness and ensure a successful transition of industry to deliver on the long-term climate goals of Europe.

Europe’s glass products are enablers of a carbon-neutral Europe. However, supportive industrial and climate policies will be vital to prepare the breeding ground for further investments in research and development of net zero carbon products and manufacturing solutions.

Download Press Release of Energy-Intensive Industries and  The Master Plan for a competitive transition of EU Energy Intensive Industries